Yes, You Can Trade Multiple Markets

27 10 2008

“Can I trade more than one market at a time?” – It’s a common question not only asked of our system but every methodology out there (for good reason!).

The answer to that is Yes.  Certainly people swing trading stocks (or forex, futures, etc…) typically look at a list of potential candidates each day.  Active traders (day trading) sometimes focus on one market but there’s no reason you cannot look at several.  Forex traders, for example, are typically recommended to look at 2-4 markets at a time since the trades set-up fairly orderly and it helps to be diversified day-to-day.

Today for example, I personally wanted to show you how I traded three markets at the same time — the Crude Oil Futures, Dow e-Mini Futures and the 10 Year Treasury Notes.  All of this was done within about an hour and we clearly had a good result overall (77% winning trades, $1,616.00 profit)

The key, of course, is mastering the strategy and ensuring you have the right account capitalization.  Not everyone is going to start with more than one market, and when you are first learning the strategy it’s best to be as conservative as possible.  However, as your account grows and your mastery of the UMT is finalized you’ll see you have the opportunity to both buy larger order size AND trade multiple markets.

Here are actual trades from today – performance summary:

Here are the details where you can see the three markets traded:

10/27/08 Trade Details (YM, CL, TY)

10/27/08 Trade Details (YM, CL, TY)




5 responses

27 10 2008

Well, as soon as i can afford it I will probably buy into yout method.
it would be nice to trade methodically.
Thanx. les

27 10 2008
rene abarro

i am a day trader on option, ?do you trade option?

NetPicks Reply: You can definitely do options trading with the UMT but we always suggest swing trading not day trading if you’re using options.

27 10 2008

I have been testing the YM contract. Does anyone have testing of this market and can tell me which tick time frame and time of day, (overnite, pre-market, market open, no lunch trading ,etc. ) had better results. I have tested the 144 tick but dont have the full results yet…

NetPicks Reply: Personally I would say 144 tick is too “quick” for the YM – especially given how the volatility is now. Perhaps back in August for example that timeframe would be fine but you need to recognize that things have changed dramatically – when they slow down to the “norm” you can adjust but personally wouldn’t use anything less than 200 tick or more on the YM for now.

27 10 2008
Dennis Nicol

Does the UMT actually place the arrows on the chart for buys and sells, or are they added afterward to show the trades?

NetPicks Reply: We add those as we get a trade set-up confirm. Those are not difficult to see — you’ll see us narrate what makes a buy and sell in the videos. Thanks.

2 11 2008

Hi! I trade Options only (day & swing), can you recommend me a service for my goals?

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