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25 05 2007
russell leggett

Hi Guys, It would be great if you could show us some DAX stuff. Trading US markets from Australia is near impossible if you have day job, and tha DAX opens around 6:00 pm which is perfect.
Looking forward to more info on trades and the UMT.
Good trading

26 05 2007
Raymond Quinn

Hi Guys, I have two questions. 1: does your new universal market trader method provide traders with specific trade entries and exits? Is there any chance that one could end up asking oneself “will I, won’t I… take this trade”. If there is any ambiguity it will cause problems… it always does. 2: You said in your video that you will provide a list of the charting programmes that your trading methods/indicators will be programmed for. Could you possibly provide the code for Genesis… Navigator Gold Platform?

NetPicks Reply: On your first question you will have an exact set-up — there really isn’t any ambiguity when a set-up bar forms. What I will say is whenever you follow something mechanically there is always a way to add experience and the “art” of trading to what you do. We say it a lot that we like to be 90% mechanical and the other 10% the art of trading — but we can put specific rules to that that it doesn’t become subjective. Let me give you an example, lets say you have a buy set-up on the forex at 1.9010. However, the high of the day has been 1.9010. The mechanical entry is the same — would you move your entry to 1.9012? A couple of pips/ticks higher to avoid an area of resistance? This is really the extent of it — it’s not difficult just some good basic logic, that we train you on. The actual entry set-ups though are crystal clear. On your second question our plan is to go live with a good cross-section of the most popular platforms and then let our users let us know what other platforms they would like to see the strategy be compatible on. In most cases we’ll probably be able to accomplish that but we won’t have every single one ready at the initial launch. Thanks for your questions.

27 05 2007
John Morgan

Dear Sir
I have watched several of your videos and I possibly interested in the program if the cost isn’t too much. I am a UTM owner and I have seen an e-mail on a speacial price for previous owners of your old program. I have yet to see the price or what data vendors you can operate with. I have changed from TradeStation to Genesis for my data vendor because I like their point and click trading and being able to paper trade new ideas that TradeStation didn’t have. Please let me know if you have any of the above answers that you can give me.
John Morgan morganjg@comcast.net

NetPicks Reply: Hello – thanks for the questions. We will have all those details shortly, over the next week or so and definitely, you’ll have something special as a UTM owner. On platforms, Tradestation will be supported immediately, I have seen a couple of comments so far on Genesis so the plan is once we launch, to then start taking requests and surveying to see what other platforms we should look to customize the indicators for. Genesis has told us in the past they’d work with us in getting that done as well so I would expect it is something that could be done – – not day 1 but probably not long thereafter if the demand is there from others. Thanks.

29 05 2007
Larry Partridge

Do you provide your indicators with functions so we can incorporate them into a Trade Station strategy?
Would also like to see some examples with the Russell 2000.

NetPicks Reply: We will be working on additional parts of automating portions of the strategy, at least initially to help pinpoint areas of entry, etc… this is something we plan on doing as we progress though first want everyone to be able to learn and trade the strategy with the fully divulged trading rules. And, we’ll be sure to mix in some Russell this week as well. Thanks.

30 05 2007
dirk johns

It looks interesting. I am curious about price and release date??? FYI I would like to see it compatable with neuroshell trader and/or Fibonacci Trader. I also would like to know if there is a bias towards a particular market and or time frames ???…..Thanks for the hard work. Dirk

NetPicks Reply: Hello – we’ll have more details shortly on that — release is not far, week or so perhaps. On the two platforms you mention probably not on day #1 but we will be surveying and adding platforms per request if there is demand. We’ll have several options from day 1. As for bias towards markets/timeframes as traders we probably have some of our own but it is quite flexible. I wouldn’t just trade any market and/or timeframe especially when there are so many that you will already know are effective but you’d be surprised how much you can throw at it and it works — with no optimizing or changing the inputs. Thanks.

2 06 2007

How much is it? what are the ongoing costs, and are the trading results available to verify and back test?
I’m in Australia so can it run automated or do I have to sit up all night and follow trades, or can I use it on our markets here?

NetPicks Reply: Be sure to sign-up and attend our live Webinar this Tuesday – there’s a couple of different times so one should work for you in your region of the world. We’ll cover all of that for you there and more. You can use it on your markets there as long as you have data into a support platform. Thanks.

6 06 2007
Al Schopp

I am a current UTM owner and I am not sure how to sign up for the new program, I am registered but I did not receive an email regarding sign up nor the pricing for the existing owners alluded to on the videos.
thanks Al

NetPicks Reply: Please check the UTM Owner’s Club – we posted the article and special link there as well in case the email didn’t reach you. Emails are not the most reliable these days. Thanks.

10 08 2007

Hi, I am interested in your system. I am also a Genesis user and it will great if your system can be used in Genesis platform.

Many thanks.

NetPicks Reply: We use customized indicators and they are available on five different platforms, including some we can get you free time with. Genesis we have looked into – at the moment it is still in consideration but is not available immediately – however you’ll be able to take advantage of another major platform that works perfect with the system. Thanks.

11 08 2007

I am interested in ur system …but I don’t know from where should I buy it ?
secondly , dose your system work on esignal and quote tracker platforms ?

if not, what are the other platforms you work with …?

NetPicks Reply: It has been sold out since early June but we have a new release coming up this month — details will be forthcoming shortly with the exact date. Typically our allottments go fast — we limit it so we can support those who come in. Yes, no problem with eSignal – full compatible there. Thanks.

14 08 2007

Hi ,
Can you provide a pricing structure for this method posted. I find it rather stange that this info is not available here.
Anyway, I await you feedback.

Thx – John

NetPicks Reply: We’ll have that for you very shortly – just finalizing details for the release. I can tell you the way we structure it is to purposely avoid the large upfront costs that you usually see with courses/software. We’ll be announcing the live webinar in a day or two and be releasing all the exact specifics then as well. Thanks.

14 08 2007

what do i needto use your software and how much it will cost me

thank you

nicholas velonis

NetPicks Reply: You just need a supported charting platform (we supporpt about 5 of the major platforms and can also set you up free for a couple of months if needed) and then just the cost of the UMT training course/strategy/software. We’ll be releasing all those exacts very soon but it is designed to NOT have a huge upfront cost like you typically see. Thanks.

14 08 2007

Just one quick question ? what the Tick equals in minutes… for example 100 ticks = ? minutes.
And I don’t think that we have the tick in eSignal charts ..so how it would work then?

Also what is the best broker for future trading other than trade station and has compatiable platform with you system ?

Thank you

NetPicks Reply: There is no exact formula for ticks to minutes since it is going to vary widely by market — however, once you add one to a market you will get a fairly quick feel that xx ticks = around 2 or 3 minutes on one market, and another that same xx ticks is around 5 or 6 minutes on another. Or, of course, longer if you want to swing trade, etc…You can definitely get tick charts on eSignal – no problem there. Fully compatible with the tick charts, and of course regular time intervals as well. As for broker, you can trade anywhere – you do not have to trade with the same provider as your charting platform. Any of the popular choices are fine – from Interactive Brokers, Tradestation, Mirus, Mann, etc… are all acceptable as long as you have electronic order placement and low commissions. Thanks.

14 08 2007

Alos you keep sending us those amazing vedios about your system but what is the the good that will come out of that if we can’t but it.

Thank you

NetPicks Reply: Thanks for your comment — I can understand the desire to want to get one on order. We do things a little differently, we want to make sure you have time to see the system in action, watch some current markets and results, and get a more complete understanding for the strategy. It will be available next week so you won’t have long to wait now. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

14 08 2007
Jay Holmes

Hi –

Even though I have the latest Java, Camtasia, and Macromedia Flash Player installed I can not see your videos.

You fixed the printer option so I now have a hard copy of “30 Minutes……..Life”. Thanks.

Will your program work with the MBT software and data feed as supplied by InterbankFX?

Have you settled on a price for your newest version?

Thanks, Jay Holmes

NetPicks Reply: Not sure on that issue — don’t encounter an issue like that usually. Have you perhaps tried a different browser – such as if you are using Internet Explorer try downloading Firefox or vice versa? On InterbankFX – we will work with Metatrader software that they use (forex only – no tick chart options usually) As for price, we are working on those final details, trying to keep it the same as first release if we can. Thanks.

15 08 2007
Gene Knudsen

Will the indicator’s be available for use on MT4 (MetaTrader) platforms?

NetPicks Reply: All of our proprietary indicators are available which is a set of 5 indicators that are made available and used as part of the overall trading strategy. Thanks.

15 08 2007
craig ryan

can you please tell me how much your universal market trader system cost`s. Also is it a one of payment or subscription.

NetPicks Reply: We’ve got all the details ready for you — sign-up if you can for one of the webinars for Tuesday (8/21) and we’ll detail everything. There is not a large upfront cost like most training/strategies. Thanks.

17 08 2007

What if we can’t be available for the live webinar, how will we get details on cost etc.?

NetPicks Reply: You should probably register for one of the webinars — lets say the earlier one, then if you cannot make it, the system will send you details on where you can go and see it recorded to watch at a better time for you. Thanks.

17 01 2008
jim genian


NetPicks Reply: Definitely — fully compatible with eSignal in addition to several of the major/best platforms such as Tradestation and others. Thanks.

6 06 2008
John Lewis

I’m an old UMT subscriber and am funding my Trade Station accts in order to re-start my UMT subscription and become acclimated with the Simple strategy.

In order to determine the size of acct that I need to fund please advise the average range for risk on the Russell and any popular cross on the forex……

Thanks – John

NetPicks Reply: You control that with the timeframe you use — shorter timeframes have smaller risk/reward profiles. The 144 tick you see in a lot of the videos tends to be about 1.6 – 3.00 points risk on average. On the forex, also depends on the timeframe used — and the currency that can vary it. On average it is in the 20 – 40 pip range on the timeframes you’ve been observing. Thanks.

10 06 2008
Phillip Hastings

Is your offer of 21 May entitled “Master the Simple Plan on Us” still available. If so, I am interested. Please let me know how to proceed. Thanks.


NetPicks Reply: Please reply back to that email with your interest and we can get back with you on that. Thanks.

10 06 2008

It looks very interesting. Can you please let me know if you provide the trial version to new traders ?


NetPicks Reply: Hello -thanks for your question. When we do our new release coming up shortly there will be something very attractive for the potential new owner — you’ll have a very low risk way of seeing how this is going to change the way you trade. More to come soon.

11 06 2008
clive johnston

I just received your e-mail on june 11th and cannot find how to order.


NetPicks Reply: Clive, please sign-up for the webinar that is taking place on Monday – order info and a special will be given out there. Just a few days more. Thanks.

12 06 2008

when using the UMT simple plan ,when a trade is set up after the directional moves through both solid lines how likely are the trades executed……….basically once the trade is set up on the system is there enough time to get the trade in and executed before the next time frame so you don’t miss out.

NetPicks Reply: You’ll know a trade is setting up visually on the chart — it’s fairly easy to see it coming. Plus you’ll almost always know in advance where that buy or shot set-up will be – while you are waiting on confirmation. You can even get that order ready to submit while you wait for it to confirm in most cases. The only time I would see there being any issue literally is in a major news announcement when the market takes off but we never trade right at a major news announcement anyway – and even in that situation you’d more than likely be able to get it in. Should be a non-issue for you overall. Thanks.

17 06 2008
Richard Dillman

I’m interested in the Simple Trading plan. I have a question you said the platform e-signal works with your program. I have a program . This is a e-signal base with modifications to the platform. Do you know since this is e-signal base if it would work with your program or would I have to get another platform?

Please advise.

Richard Dillman

NetPicks Reply: You would need the actual charting from eSignal. I will assume you are paying for a datafeed from them so should be able to get their charting — you might check and see on your subscription what would be entailed with getting eSignal’s charting added on. If not, there are other options including we can get you a couple months free of Tradestation. Thanks.

22 08 2008
Leong YM

NetPicks Reply: I’ll put some answers for you under each question…


What is the UMT method?

A. Complete strategy from proprietary indicators, trading rules and exact entry and exits.

1) Does this mean I hv to watch indicator all day long?

If you choose to day trade you watch the chart while you day trade. When you hit your objective or come to the end of the time we’d trade (never a whole session) you stop. If you swing trade then you do not need to do anything intraday – just end of day.

2) Time zones: I’m in GMT+8, this means I hv to log in to get my mail for signals then log in to Interbank FX terminal to place a trade? What if I’m not on my desk?

You are going to be following the chart and taking the trades. This is not a signal service.

3) Is the subscription recurring or 1 time charge?

The charge is for the entire course and lifetime license — the Owner’s Club you can choose to stay on after the first 3 months for a nominal fee but it’s not required.

4) Any trials period

No – not at this price point.


25 08 2008
Peter Thomson Helliwell

After watching the prerecorded webinar on the version2 system I sent you an email to the return e-address. Didn’t realise I could ask my questions here:
As a Londoner who day trades soley on the FTSE 100, your product seems to be just what I have been loking for, in terms of a system that can help me broaden my trading to other markets; mainly in the U.S.
During the webinar, one of the guys givning the presentation mentioned several markets that are suitable for those of us starting out and don’t have a lot of capital.
What would you say for the novice trader with $2000 pot would be the markets to trade Stateside?
I think I heard the S&P emini and a couple of other markets mentioned.
My trading so far has been going well. Totally self taught and showing a tidy profit after three months of trading.
My desire is to learn and begin to diversify my trading business to include markets other than the FTSE 100.
Also how difficult is to set up a Trade Station accont from England?
If you would have someone contact me directly I would really appreciate it.
I watched your webinar avidley. What sets you apart from all the other systems out there is that I can see the methodology and comprehend it. My BS detector is saying,’these guys know what they are doing’. The whole package….the one to one phone call and back up make this a very attractive education service.
Please contact me, as I would like to know a little more before I commit to buying the UMT ver2
Yours sincerely
Peter Thomson Helliwell

19 09 2008

does it work on mcfx pro?

NetPicks Reply: Hello – it works on Tradestation, eSignal, Ninjatrader and MetaTrader. Thanks.

19 09 2008
Brian Osterhout

Can I see trades taken by you and/or others in the last two weeks on forex?

What is the success rate the last 30 days of the UMT 2 in forex?

I will get an exact alert in tradestation when there is a buy or sell according to the UMT and then I use my discretion on when to enter, re your response to
Raymond Quinn I see at the top of this page.

Thank you for your help!!

Oh, and I can buy the umt2 and have everything I need to study over the weekend and be ready?


NetPicks Reply: We’ll try to get a new video going on some recent forex next time – we of course always show it in the weekly demo webinar. Some of the better currency pairs to use include the EURUSD, GBPUDS, EURJPY, USDJPY and GBPJPY. As for “alerts” – you learn the set-up – it’s the same formation across all markets – once there is an official set-up bar that you identify (easily done once you learn the strategy) there is no discretion on entry, stop and target. As for the question on learning it over the weekend – could you learn it in a weekend? Yes, but there’s no way for me to know your experience level – for someone who is new to trading you’d want to trade/practice more than just jumping in live on the next session. There’s no need to rush it since the markets move everyday. Thanks.

25 09 2008

How can i benefit from your aboundant knowledge as a forex trader in Nigeria.?. what is the cost and mode of payment.

26 09 2008


All the details including price of the lifetime system can be located here…


We take all major credit cards and PayPal.


14 10 2008

I have some questions about your product. How can I ask them without it being in this public forum? Is there a personal email address to send enquiries to.


NetPicks Reply: Sure – just email: support@universalmarkettrader.com

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