Unfortunately, the UMT Simple has gone off the market indefinitely…

However! We just came out with the next generation of universal trading system and it’s called the Seven Summits Trader. Find out more information on this astounding strategy that lead to my 28-day winning streak right here:

And make sure you’re on the updates list for the next release!


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5 09 2008

i want to learn about forex and stocks joining UMT

16 09 2008

i wont to know if you can offer signals for forex or not

NetPicks Reply: The idea behind the UMT course and strategy is you will not need to rely on signal services/black box. The strategy is effective for forex trading. You would expect a similar win/loss to what we are seeing in our other markets. Typically on forex you are trading either the Asian, European or US session — each tends to run 2-3 hours – though many times you can be done sooner. Thanks.

23 09 2008

I know you recommend Esignal data to power your system but newbe starting off on a limited account is there a broker or any ther source who can provide free data that will work with your program?

NetPicks Reply: eSignal is one choice but we like Tradestation a lot. You can get two months free through us OR open an account with Tradestation and you can get the platform fees waived for as long as you just actively trade it. When you become an owner we can help you with that as well but it’s really critical not to take short-cuts on your data supplier.

28 09 2008
John Farmon

Hello, Hope you are doing well!

As I got your email newsletter, I am inquiring you for further intrest. I am intrested in your system for intraday forex market.

Can you please me with some information on it.

Also, do you have signals plotted on the chart? Do you suggest Entry & Exit price both?

Let me know.

NetPicks Reply: Please come to one of our weekly live webinars — we always cover the forex markets in there live — so it’s a great place to see how the method can work on forex. There’s definitely opportunity for you. Thanks!


30 09 2008
Claude Jouhannet

Hi, I am in Canada, Province of Quebec and I would like to know what kind of set-up I need? Are you providing the charts for the differents markets and forex? if so what is the monthly cost for this service? I saw on your video the order box you are using does it comes with the program?
I’m a beginner with forex can I expect been able to trade within a short period of tstudying and training on the software or should I look for an automated system?

Thank you for your help and suggestions.

NetPicks Reply: You would get your charting and datafeed from any of the charting/data providers we work with including Tradestation, eSignal, Ninjatrader or MetaTrader. Some of those are available at no charge – in particular if you open a trading account, etc… I woudl suggest you attend a live webinar where you can see everything, we answer all your questions and you’ll get an idea of what can be done and the learning curve involved. Thanks!

1 10 2008
Jim Huber

I am new to the trading world. I did listen to your last UMT webinar. Can I use an etrade, scottrade account with your system? Also, I saw your 9/29 and 9/30 live trading. What amount of invested money are you using when you trade 1 contract of Crude? I know there is risk but I also see money to be made, can I make $500 per day starting with $5k ?

Thank you,

NetPicks Reply: You need to make sure your broker trades the markets you want to trade. My understanding is Scottrade is primarily for trading stocks. eTrade probably has more flexibility with markets but you’d need to see if they trade futures and forex. You certainly don’t have to trade everything – many trade one or two markets and nothing more. To trade Crude Oil you want to have at least $10K per contract. If you want to start with $5K then you’d be better off with markets like the Dow e-Mini, Nasdaq e-Mini, Forex, etc…

2 10 2008

what account size do you recommend for trading the e-mini’s?

NetPicks Reply: It’s important to stick to 2% – 3% risk per contract traded. With that in mind contracts like the Dow and Nasdaq e-Mini at the $5,000 per contract can work. Russell about $10,000 per contract. S&P probably about $7500 per contract. Thanks.

3 10 2008
Eddie Knoesen

Hi Mark,

The webinar was quite interresting. Thanx!

I live in South Africa and have been unsuccessful for 6 years trading forex.

I am mainly trading forex, but i would not mind trading any other market as long as I can make money. I would like to know which room you trade in and what your results are like. Do you have a forex room trading the UMT?

Please let me know. Oh yeah, at work I can check over the markets every now and then. Will this be ok? I mean you dont have to be glued to the screen the whole time or do you??

I would like to hear from you


NetPicks Reply: You’ll want to determine if you want to active day trade or swing trade. If you want to day trade then it depends on the hours you are available to give it attention. Typically about 2 hours are needed to be able to focus and day trade — many times done in less time but to day trade and be distracted or have very little time isn’t a good idea. However, almost always there are markets and timeframes that can work for you. We give numerous suggestions and the UMT is quite flexible in this area (forex, futures, US and European futures, etc…)


3 10 2008

I’m used to using trading on Ninja Trader for futures and forex. Will your indicators “paint” the same on Ninja Trader when compared to Tradestation or Esignal. Maybe you could rank the charting packages in terms of performance, Ninja Trader, Esignal, Tradestation, Metatrader, 1 being the Best. Maybe you can provide me the cost of each charting package.


NetPicks Reply: There is some “visual” difference between the various platforms. My suggestion would be since you’ve been using Ninja to possibly take a free trial of something like Tradestation (we can help you arrange that) and then just compare them– see what you personally like best. People have various opinions on that. Thanks.

10 10 2008
andres alaff

new subscriber here.i finished watching almost all videos and try to learn the whole method.What would be your suggestion in order to start setting up my charts for trading………Where do I start from?
By the way I want to open an account with tradestation

14 10 2008


I was wondering if it is possible to get UMT for CQG? Was also wondering how it works for soft commodities?


NetPicks Reply: The custom indicators will not work on CQG — they do work on platforms such as Tradestation, eSignal, Ninjatrader and MetaTrader. As for soft commodities – the answer is yes on that. Thanks.

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