UMT Ultimate Pack! Win Yours Today…Here’s how:

4 03 2009

The NetPicks Universal Market Trader system is a tried, tested, and best selling product that is not afraid to show what it can do in the Forex/Futures/Stocks/Options LIVE markets. The UMT is a system that provides no subjectivity, total simplicity and extreme flexibility.

Sounds good, right? But we still said – there has to be a way we can improve upon this great system.

Think of it like this, you can have a great gym with fancy equipment, but if no one knows how to use it what good is it? That’s when it hit us! We need to offer our own personal trainers.

The UMT Ultimate Pack (Personal Mentor included) is born – and it’s FREE!

“How is it free?” Simple! Answer the question below, post your answer and on Tuesday, March 10th we’ll announce the winner of an entire UMT Ultimate Pack Course, including mentor.

You can win just by answering this question…

“How would the one-on-one training help me become a better trader?”

Post your answer here and we’ll announce the winner in our UMT Ultimate Pack Kick-Off Webinar March 10, 2009. To have your chance at winning, be sure to post thoughtful responses – that means no 1-sentence postings! We don’t want a novel but give us something to work with.

Good luck!

And remember, register now for the UMT Ultimate Webinar scheduled for Tuesday, March 10th at 12pm EST U.S. (New York Time) / 9am PST / 5:00 GMT!